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Solo Studios has been artfully designed with neutral colors, high ceilings and stylish, yet simple decor.  We have 9 salon studios total, 8 single studios and 1 large 2 station mini salon. Solo Studios offers laundry service for an additional fee and has a small break-room with extra storage, refrigerator, coffee and water cooler.  Each individual studio has a glass door for added privacy and light and most of the studios have huge windows which create even more natural lighting.  Each studio includes the necessities you need to serve your guests while allowing you to make the space your own.   This is a great space for independent beauty professionals to create a brand, take care of their guests and grow their own business. Solo Studios provides the shampoo units, chairs and some hooded dryers 

If you are ready to schedule a tour and own your own salon please

TEXT 636-290-8516

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